Thursday, June 26, 2008

Worth the Trust

One person in particular has stated (and i mean quote:) "I think the reason why you two are best friends is that you don't have any other friends...." Well then, let's hear my reason why..

Throughout this life of mine, I've come across people to seem to be the 'perfect' friend. My mind slowly sets on the right one, but soon enough, my hopes of this friendship are completely shattered - leaving me back at Point A to work up to another friendship. Just when you think this person's humble and afflicted to your emotions, they turn around in a jiffy and talk about shit behind your back. And you know what? Even though we say 'I don't care anymore' well, we still do. It's a long search, hurt, then recovery process. Eventually, you'll get over it. But take a step back and understand what the fuck had happened...

My trust lesson was learned not too long ago. I don't take friendship for granted. I don't feel like making friends with just about everyone I meet anymore. I'd rather have ONE great friend than a million aquaintences. Some people don't regret what they do and that it leads you onto the future. But one thing is for sure. I wish I haven't wasted my time with people who don't deserve my kindness and trust. Many people make little mistakes; but I've learned not to disown a friendship anymore. It sounds like this matter made me learn to be a better person, but even before that I knew that a majority of people are shady (it's only human), and I didn't take my own advice.

I feel like I've become paranoid on who I become friends with and get judgmental even before knowing them. I get an undescribable vibe and just show no signs of interest. I apologize. I apologize for not trying to make new 'friends' lately, because I don't just break out of my shell in an instant anymore. I apologize for neglecting my old 'friends'. AND I finally apologize for being a bitchass to people that don't like me. I'll stop making stupid remarks about 'beating your ass' 'cause honestly, I'm likely not to do it and it was just out of rage.