Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beginning of a New Year

Everyday in this New Year has been a heck of a busy one. Early mornings at school, a tired shift at work, and the tons of homework right after. I fall asleep instantaneously and wake up the next day to repeat what i have just done. Insomnia has got the best of me and I feel like I'm aging rather at rapid speed :[ I go to sleep with the last thought that had once kept me alive and active, a reason to have an excitement. That is my best friend, Irish-Claire Bonifacio.
Ever since I've been busy, and the cold winter weather had stormed in; it's never been the same. I recently found another part of my life, my boyfriend, Junior. It feels like I'm the one to blame. I can't call and have a decent conversation without saying "I gotta go," or "hold on." I really miss our fun times on weekends (photoshoots, fucking around, cooking, etc.), and exaggerated hilarious talks everyday. I want to be able to have "fun" again. As of now I look in the mirror and see serious and boring written all over.